Rubbish bin

Articles placed here need improvement, Cleaned out at each full moon. Then when the moon is at its largest, the administrators are emancipated to gorge on the tripe left over.

Trash stamp

NOTE: The trash template is used for articles which require improvement. If you think an article on the site needs improvement, add {{trash}} to it and it will be stamped, marked and placed here.

An alternative to the trash template is the too short template - {{mexicans}} - which can be put on articles that need expansion to be meaningful (less?). Articles marked which such appear here as well.

Badly formatted articles can be given the "What The Hell" template - {{WTH}} - noting that the article is too painful to look at and needs a clean-up.

If an article might be offensive per standards, for example by containing excessive swearing or presenting a barrage of bashing (but not clearly a violation warranting immediate deletion), use the DIP template - {{Debate}} - noting that the article is regarded as offensive and needs to be censored or deleted. Its fate will then be decided by the Dice of Fate Admins.

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