Random stuff!!!!!

Smoking warning:

Random is a thing-esque object that PHILANTHROPIC is sort of like a thing, with various thingy qualities such as "bad" "good" and "sort of okay". There are many things that are emphathise random, you not being one of them. i.e. Random? You Amn't. Aren't. C'ldntbe. BcsuIsyaos! WOOP!

Anyway, he hee me mop! Look above for what you have already read.

History Edit

Randomness is a disease created by Scientists working for the Reagan Administration. Our conservative friends realized that the future youth was going to be highly intelligent. Intelligent people tend to vote for the cowards, and fat Reagan was not a coward. The random that we now know is evil. Evil like Seth McFarlane. Seth McFarlane is not a man. He is a robot containing the brain of Ronald Reagan. Why do you think that many Family Guy viewers are not interested in politics. Mad McFarlane uses hypnovision to lure the unsuspecting doom to their intelligent demise.

Practical Usage Edit

People on the internet, and occasionally serial killers, use "randomness" to spice up their lives. Be it cats that say silly things that you would not think they would be saying, or stuffing a five-pound bag of gardening soil in an old woman's rotting corpse, randomness makes the world go round. It does not help anything. Wise Obama and his crack team of geniuses are destroying randomness slowly. Did you know that the reboot of the FCC is going to focus soley on destroying the cheezburger and horsehead networks? Hopefully, Wise Obama will complete his plan in October 2011; afterward puppies will fall from the sky and all lawyers will turn into dandelions.

Location Edit

Random can be found in following coordinates:

  • (1234,4311,5314)
  • (7420,3452,9453)
  • (QW,42,--)
  • (x,x,x)
  • something7259
  • (7365,9426,6253,+54q)
  • R3
  • R4
  • (-infinity,1,2)
  • eternity+e^64
  • END!!!
  • E(x,12,035)
  • ----
  • (5,+2infinity,cos(y))
  • "so on..."-24i
  • XYZ

Things that are random Edit

  • Michael Winner's Bouncy Castle.
  • Cutting thine wrists. (Do it now!)
  • Christianity.
  • Giving me a Yop, me mama!
  • Smooth.
  • Yop, mi madre.
  • Gimme Yop, dein mutter!
  • Til da mowning cumd.
  • random random string of characters and typeage spawned by someone snorting crack of ricers and ricers spawned by ricers imposeing ricers
  • nicolas hartman.

Please note: Anything below this is not random.

Other things that are random Edit

Randomness examples Edit

Sadly, to report on this horrible thing. I will have to post examples

1. The boy ate the tunafish. Love it fresh!

2. Iz eatin yoh yoo-hoo, now iz in a wuld of hut

3. Steve! apparently

4. Uncyclopedia? more like cyclopopedia. Wait? do that exist?

5. Lower Taxes!

6. Mitosis

7. Private Sector!

8. Obey the facist ragime!


9. Boehner is my co-pilot

I cannot type any longer. They have taken control.

Random and how to snort it Edit

random is, and always will be, the fern of angry koalas that eat nomberries. This however is the start of george's bush which is the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden. Number 1 is the 182nd juice that was responsible for the creation of the flying apple pie, this was what actually destroyed nagasaki. the pirate ship of horse manure sank in the carribean/polish ocean. this was due to lack of blue oranges which are the vitamin of life in its non-existance. That concludes this paragraph full of highly important information, if this information is to leave the internets, bad stuff will happen to you. yes you.