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Our friendly support team will help you in all things Illogicopedian.

The Illogicopedia Chatroom is now up and running for business and for trading fish tails.

  If you have an IRC client installed on your computer, simply point it to the URL  

You do not necessarily need to be insane to join, though it certainly is an advantage.

Client connectionEdit

Suggested clientsEdit

Internet based clientsEdit


Enter the information shown above to enter via IRC@Work.

Wikia GatewayEdit

The chatroom can be accessed via and other Freenode gateways. Enter your nick, then select #Illogicopedia from the drop down menu and hit the login button.

Wikia Gateway:


Go to Enter your nick, then into the server box. Finally, type #illogicopedia into the last box and hit the login button.

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