One day my teacher told us to write some prepositional phrases. So what do you think I did...

Prepositional PhraseEdit

The cat jumped onto the sled and rode down the hill, through the park, over the bridge, under the cherry tree, into the department store, past the children’s section, into the changing room, over the wall, out the door, throughout the parking lot, past the Toyota, under the clearance sign, through the movie set, before sundown, past Stonehenge, under the Eiffel tower, along side the great wall of China, by the Tower of London, over the draw bridge, into the parking space ,out of the parking space, onto the roof, into the garage, behind the orphanage, to Canada, through Mexico, behind Bosnia and popular consent, toward Hungary, amid chaos, beyond Guam, beyond Burger King, failing to buy a whopper, athwart Petco Park and Ares Rock, despite tripping, near AT@T headquarters, opposite Tom Brady, regarding Ms. Venor’s advise, round the corner, off the wall, underneath the Tube, into a bowling ball which skidded down the ice past Michael Phelps, into a box that was shipped to Timbuktu ,where it fell off thee truck, into the street ,past a Lamborghini, over the washing machine, through the portal, into 1954, beside the Golden gate bridge, onto a bus that took his past town hall, under the bridge, behind the bakery, through the Chunnel, into the sun, in between the alligators, into a foam rubber ducky, on a constipated water-buffalo who carried him about the corridor above the rainbow, across the lake, after the concert, against the wind, along the shore, around the campus, amid the traffic, before the football game ,to the hospital, where he go treatment, in his leg and then they road, into a taxi cab where he commanded the cabbie to follow the cow, under the pasture before the cows come home behind the warehouse, below Dwight Kurt Schrute, beneath the water canister, beside the fish tank, off the skyscraper, past Lance Armstrong, under the computer screen toward the drive-in-movie through the country, to St. Kitts and Nevis and, out of the water onto the barge, into Matt Damon, past POND WHALES and a REALLY BIG TREE, through the orchard into Personal Fitness class, past Michael Jackson, and to Grandma’s house.your mom would say that "you gonna get a good spankin".jvjdjidjcksndjdbfjeihfeubfuiewdijocdsbiodscobdwnfiojnocdsonfdnsjfbiodcewibodbjo and btw i actaullly get spanked allot